What is 2D Animation Everything you need to know about it

2D animation is one of the major types of animation which has been used in a spacious variety in the animation industry. However, this content is not only used in the animation film and cartoon industry, but people have been adopting 2D animation in promoting business by making animated commercials and explainer videos. Some people take animation services by hiring animation production companies, and some try to do themselves online. Anyhow, an animated video has a vast impact on the spectator either visually, audibly, or physically. This impact made people embedding animation into their businesses and firms. Though, if you are also one of the seekers who want to start doing animation, you need to first learn about this particular field. I would guide you with everything about 2D animation, its plus points, downsides, and how you can use 2D animation.

What is 2D Animation?

The two-dimensional animation is illustrated by creating the characters and other objects in the two-dimensional space; width and height only. The 2D drawing includes background, objects, characters, and other additional effects. The delusion of movement is formed by separating a one-second video into a minimum of 24 frames. The style of these 24 frames depends upon the type of video; there are 24 different and unique drawings in every frame for one or a maximum of two seconds of video.

Most of the people like 2d animation if they are asked about any sort of animation. A 2D animation provides a variety of colors, characters, and scenes while depending on the animation style. Besides, a 2D animation is also known as the traditional animation because it was introduced first by using the handmade drawings which were used in animation by moving these drawn characters.

History of 2D Animation

 The trend of 2D animation was begun in 1908 by Emile Cohl; he made a 70-seconds animated video by combining thousands of handwritten drawings. He named this animated video as “Fantasmagurie.” Soon after, by following this idea, the trend started broadcasting on TV, when Disney introduced a colorless 2D animation movie of Mickey Mouse character. This character became very famous all across, and Mickey Mouse is still recognized by today’s generation. After getting much recognition, the channel started bringing in further animated movies such as “the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs.” This story was made by combining the hand-drawn pictures and computerized images, which was a new thing for people.

Finally, during the 1950s, colored televisions were introduced, and the 2D animation studios started making colored drawings and broadcasting them on TV. With the emergence of technology and the latest trends, these artists modified their drawings according to the inclination.

2D Animation at Present

When the 2D animation became popular, it brought numerous stories now and then. Over time, the 2D animation transformed simple characters into complex and released them, which grasped people’s appreciation and worth. However, other than movies, today, the trend of social media platforms and games is more; hence, 2D animation is being used more in these raised areas.

The demand for 2D animators became less when the market introduced 3d animation. The 3D animation took the place of 3D animation, but, for some time, there were still people who demand 2D animation. However, both types took their own places with time, and since you can see the popularity when any 2D or 3D animation movie is released. Not only this, but people also use animation in their businesses by giving animated commercials or making explainer videos. Nevertheless, the trend has also got into movies, games, social media, and businesses.

Benefits of 2D Animation

The key benefit of using a 2D animation in your videos is infinity. While making a 2D animation, you are flexible and can make any story in your mind. You can bring all your imagination o one side and start making characters, objects, and scenes. At last, you would get a unique outcome, which would be your own creativity.

Besides, if you own a business on a smaller scale, you can make a 2D animated video as a commercial to freely describe your services or products. You can set yourself aside by introducing your brand with unique content. The major benefit you would get by using 2D animation in your business is that it would cost cheaper, and you are free to choose any type of character in any scene. You can describe everything about your company in a shorter period.

Moreover, if you want to give some special effects in your video, you can do this effortlessly in an animated video. Since you do not need any physical lighting and all the setup for shooting a video, all you need is effects. You need to spend a lot of money on these extra materials like the costume, destination, lighting, etc.; hence, you can simply apply CGI, FX, or other filters to make your creatures more realistic.

Drawbacks of 2D Animation

Where there are so many plus points of something, they also have some weaknesses and inconveniences, so the 2D animation also comprises. The major shortcoming of making a 2D animation is that it is a huge time-taking process. 

As I discussed that you need to draw 24 different frames for only a one-second video. Since if you want to make an animated video with at least 10-20 seconds, how much frames would it comprise? It takes days to months in making a 2D animated video, which is very much time-consuming.

Tips for Making 2D Animation

If you want to become a 2D animator, you need to learn some tactics and steps for making a unique and exclusive animation. First of all, if you have any idea in your mind, you need to bring those ideas into a written form, called scriptwriting. Once you have completed the script, you can make characters and other objects according to the storyline. Though, a video is incomplete without dialogues, so the next step is Voice-over. You can record dialogues on your own, or if you find someone with decent verbalization, you may prefer them. Make a storyboard, add colors, and combine all drawing and voice recordings; your 2D animation is completed. Now, you can introduce all your animation to your friends and make yourself outstanding.